Launch window

HUB Exhibition and Guided tours between flavours and motors

An exhibition space, devoted to food companies that represent all the various typical and local products, has been organised in Vaciglio, a town near Modena. This network of companies will have its own permanent launch window for the Milan Expo 2015 in an area that will include all the cities nearby Modena such as Mirandola, Zocca, Montefiorino and Fanano.

The goal:

The idea that we are proposing is to make the companies that are members of Lapam association (needless to say, those who are joining the project), part of a network. This network will make possible to provide a map of Modena's typical products for those companies that will participate in the project and will also allow them to promote their products. Working in the network will also give the chance to create a basket of products that are more attractive and commercially interesting. The opportunity to work in the network will also convey an image that is more related to the typicality of our land to the businesses that are involved in the project,

Information HUB

guided tours

Guided tours will be organized to visit acetaie (balsamic vinegar production places), wine cellars and cheese factory that are joining the Hub project.

Where to stay, where to eat

Accommodation to stay; restaurants and farms where you can taste the cuisine Modenese

Dedicated Exhibit Space

Each company will have an exhibition space which will be personalized and reserved to them

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